Technologies - Assembly

Tometh KFT - Experts in Industrial Assembled Units

Tometh KFT offers a wide range of products for the industry, from simple and general products to high-precision, self-designed and manufactured assembled units. Our expertise is demonstrated in assembly, mechanical testing, pressure testing, and the delivery of world-class manufacturers’ products in packaged, ready-to-sell condition.

During the assembly of our own products, we pay special attention to quality and precision. We apply the most efficient technologies during assembly. We pay great attention to the strict traceability of products.

Collaboration with Tometh KFT guarantees high-quality products and reliable service. Choose Tometh KFT, where quality and precision are not just promises, but reality!

How it's made?
Feeding pulley
Conductor pipe
BMW 1200 GS handle
Certified by TÜV THÜRINGEN